Gardein Chicken Parmesan

Gardein chick'n filets have opened up a whole new world of meal possibilities in my household. They're neither chicken, nor filets, but the name certainly implies hundreds of uses for them.

For those of us who do eat meat, chicken is the go-to staple. I know many meat-eaters who've grown sick of chicken popping up too often on the menu, but none that dislike it. When in doubt, make chicken.

You can do anything with chicken, especially a filet.  It's neutral flavor graciously accepts any sauce. It's resiliency make it fit for any cooking method. It's easily preserved in it's left-over state for re-use. There have not been any good contenders for these roles in the vegetarian world.

I can't say that the Gardein chick'n filets have replaced chicken, or that they even taste just like chicken. But they do work in many of the same recipes, like no other meat-substitute will. 

Recently, my husband asked if we could have Gardein Chicken Piccata once per week. I was like, "Really? We're going to get very sick of it." But told me to remember that this is a whole new world of cuisine for him. But I insist on at least trying a few more classic Italian chicken recipes before I'll eat Piccata every week. This week he got to try Chicken Parmesan for the first time. It beats the heck out of a crumbly veggie meatball!

Gardein Chicken Parm
1. Dredge Gardein Chik'n Filets in flour, salt & pepper
2. Saute in olive oil
3. In a glass baking dish, place filets and top with marinara sauce, mozzarella and dried oregano.
4. Bake at 450F for 10-12 minutes until cheese bubbles.
5. Meanwhile, saute chopped Vidalia Onion and sliced garlic with olive oil. When cooked through, add at least 2 Cups of marinara sauce, and heat through.
6. Serve garnished with shredded parmesan and basil, along with cooked pasta topped with the onion sauce.


Most new wives have a hard enough time coming up with dinner ideas and you have to deal with a vegetarian as well. Kudos to you! I am not a vegetarian, but this looks delicious to me!

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