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I’m just a little home-cook who loves sharing recipes and being part of a healthy-lifestyle community.  I have absolutely no use, interest in, or time for collecting the personal data of those who view Libra Loves.

However, in order to analyze the quality of my content and offer ads for relevant products and services, the following information is obtained through the use of cookies when you visit this blog:

- Internet Protocol address (IP)
- Type of browser
- Internet Service Provider (ISP)
- Date and time stamp of the visit
- Referring and exit pages
- Number of clicks

This information is collected and stored by the following third parties:

Google Analytics
I use this data most often to proclaim “Hey cool! Someone in Bhutan is reading about Vegan Brownies! So neat!”. I can also figure what posts are most popular, so I can write more on the topic or place appropriate advertising.

Google Ad Sense
Because why shouldn’t I make $10 per year for my many hours of writing? One block of adverstising through Google Ad Sense is placed per page, and I am paid per view or click. You can control ad settings through a clickable menu on the upper right of the ad block and choosing “settings”. Affiliate Program Advertising
I can tailor my ads to my reader’s interests by hand-picking items and suggesting search terms. I’m a control freak, so I like this. I am only paid if an ad is clicked and a purchase is made – thus requiring the use of cookies to make sure I get the credit! Again, you may control these ad settings by clicking the menu at the upper right of the ads.

You can control Cookies through your browser. Here is some helpful advice from Google on how to manage cookies


Email addresses are viewable to me through, ONLY if you’ve subscribed to the RSS feed. Emails are sent from “Libra Loves” ( You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in that email. I will never use, distribute, disclose or contact you via the email address provided, unless legally mandated. 

If you have further questions regarding your data and privacy with Libra Loves, you may contact me at 

Last updated May 14, 2018

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