Finding Vegetarian (or Vegan) Thai in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Vegan Noodles - pretty good but needs some veg like peas & corn.
Not much time to post this weekend. We're spending most of it in Queens at the in-laws for Diwali, but we took a break to come home and do Bikram class. We're just about to dig into some vegan noodle-cups I got at Whole Foods.

Last night before we headed out to LI, we headed out for some Thai food with the sister in-laws. My husband wanted to take them to Joya on Court Street, a very popular spot for delicious & cheap Thai food. He's been there a bunch of times and loved it. So we waited 20 minutes for a table, sat down and picked out some appetizers: veg spring rolls, fried tofu and papaya salad.

Seeing an entire section of the menu dedicated to vegetables, we thought we'd be fine. But when we asked what had fish sauce in it, the waitress said everything has fish sauce - it's a very important flavor ingredient and everything is made ahead of time. Except there are 3 dishes that can be made in the wok without it - instead of oyster sauce on some tofu/broccoli - just soy sauce - boring! Mixed vegetables in garlic sauce - boring!! Tofu pad khing vegetables in ginger sauce - still pretty lame. Why would you even put oyster sauce on tofu? I don't know anyone who orders tofu unless they're vegetarian.

So you know what? We politely explained that there was just nothing appealing, the apps would be it for us,  and the waitress was understanding - she thought it better to tell us the truth. So we went to just the next block and found Ghang. I asked the waiter and he was very quick to say that no fish sauce would be used. So quick that I doubted the truthfulness of the statement and asked the bartender who concurred, vegetarian curry could be made fresh to order. Bingo! A little more expensive, a little longer wait for the food, but very very good, well spiced food. Pad Thai - no problem, Drunken Noodles, Penang Curry and Cashew Vegetables. All great.

Now only if they would delivery all the way up to Tillary we'd be set!
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