Sweet Ideas For Crescent Rolls

It's been a busy couple of months, and I'm hoping to get back on track with cooking. I spent the week in Montréal for work, shopping and eating delicious meals. Now I can't wait to just have some homemade food at home!

I couldn't keep my eyes open by the time I got home last night around 5pm. So I napped, ate, walked and went to bed, leaving all the chores for today. The chill of fall is in the air, which is both refreshing and a sad omen of cold weather to come. I feel like eating some rich fall foods!

This morning I finally got up when Misty poked her nose in my face around 9ish, which is late for me. After some coffee, and finally posting photos of the Kolkata portion of our June India trip, I felt like popping open some Pillsbury Crescent Rolls for an easy breakfast.

Fillings ready to roll, brush with melted butter and bake
I can't just do anything plain and simple, it's just not my nature. So I decided to fill them with chocolate and almonds. Then I saw the butterscotch chips and thought I'd try those too. And what about that blueberry goat cheese from Trader Joe's that was just a little too sweet for hors d'ouevres?

Chocolate-Almond, Butterscotch and Blueberry Goat Cheese Crescents

The chocolate-almond were classic, no compaints!

The butterscotch filled was actually my favorite.

The blueberry goat cheese was just a little too thick and rich, and not quite sweet enough for a croissant.

After eating all of the crescents, minus the goat cheese ones, my husband started to throw out ideas for other fillings. How about Nutella? Nutella and peanut butter? Nutella and bananas? He loves Nutella. Or PB & J? Cream cheese and guava paste - a favorite Cuban snack? Pepper Jack Cheese? I told him that was a whole other category of savory, for another time. The possibilities are endless.

If Mistypants is this tired, what about me?
I'm hoping that this kicks off my return to cooking at home. I've really been lazy the past month, mentally exhausted from work and physically exhausted from Misty's puppy energy. My biggest confession is eating chicken fingers and pepperoni pizza from Papa John's 3 nights in a row one week. You might say I hit rock bottom, so it's only uphill from there!


Jeni Treehugger said…
Those look AWESOME!!
Good to see you back safe and sound.

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