Bon Bini!

Bon Bini!
That means "welcome" in Papiamentu - the local language of Curaçao. This Dutch island is located North of Venezuela in the Netherlands Antilles islands (ABC islands: Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao).

We arrived here in Willemstad yesterday afternoon. So far it's got it's pretty parts, but for the most part it's been fairly unexciting. Maybe because there haven't been any cruise ships docked, and it's only Thursday. I'm not looking to party, but it's almost too quiet around here.

I did a lot of research before leaving home, in order to find vegetarian options at the restaurants. It is definitely a challenge here. They put ground meat in everything and even chicken on French fries! And by the way, aside from "local" (creole) type specialties here, French fries are pretty much the veg of choice. It seems like entrees pretty much come with rice or fries no matter what. And the fries are pretty decent.

Hopefully we will go further out to explore later. Here are some pics from the day:

This container ship looked massive passing by our pool:

View of the colorful Punda:

Busy kitchen at the Plasa Bieuw (old market) where locals eat, or so we are told.
More on this later:

View from our balcony. Upgraded to ocean view, but can only see a little ocean:

And me, lookin preggers at the infinity beach pool. Most confident I've ever felt in a bikini!

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Tara said…
Love your pictures. Very nice!

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