Where Did 2013 Go?

As 2013 comes to an end, I realize I neglected this little blog, Libra Loves. 347 posts over 4 years and over 35,000 hits. And then nothing. 

So many reasons:
1. Baby
2. Lack of sleep
3. Moved to a new house
4. Lack of energy
5. Lack of content or ideas (boring meals)
6. Useless shitty photos and bad lighting
7. Toddler

It was a rough and exciting year. So much happened. If days were 27 hours long, I may have gotten to a handful of posts. And I say handful because that's how many times I created something good, new or interesting worth writing about. To be honest, I make a lot of microwave meals now. Oh the horror of who I've become! 

I've had a few moments of inspiration and motivation, unrequited creative energy. And I just haven't gotten back on this horse quite yet. The closest I have been to sharing content was creating pinboards, yeah, lots of pinboards. I get sidetracked sometimes, and Pinterest doesn't require too much thinking.

And then, in November, my neighbors gave me a grocery bag full of persimmons from their tree. Whoa! Lightbulb! What to do with all these persimmons? Battle persimmon! What would an Iron Chef do? What would I have done a year ago? Must find ideas! Maybe start a new, better, brighter, more focused blog. I even selected a title, and wrote an about me section. 

...and then I waited for the persimmons to ripen... and waited... and waited. 

In December, I overcooked a beautiful Persimmon Cake

I never started that new blog. 

Here we are about to start a new year. There are many things I hope I have time to achieve going forward, including reviving Libra Loves. I think if I just start writing, good posts will come eventually, like when I started in 2009.

So here you go - I've started writing. Now I just have to come up with something interesting to share, so stay tuned!


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