The Elusive 100th Post

I've been putting off blogging for a while. I bet no one noticed, except for me, that I had written 99 posts. I feel like the 100th post should be some sort of a mile-marker, something significant. But I haven't done really anything of 100th post quality recently. I made some less than semi-homemade meals and some more than ambitious travel plans. I ate too much steak at Houston's. I hosted a take-out taco party. I feasted at Tabla with a $25 gift card from Fresh Direct, and had a super-drunk brunch at Olea while making friends at the bar. To me, they're just a few ordinary events in the life that is mine, and did not consist of any personal achievements worth mentioning.

So now we can commence with the posting of delicious food, henceforth. The 100th post is published.
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