Chorizo Taco Wrap

This week has been pretty rough so far. I had a nice week in Puerto Rico for vacation last week, which was great, but ended in the flight from Hell. Saturday was doomed from the start, our last day in PR. It started with long lines to check out from the Intercontinental, with irate ladies disputing bills, and impatient guests trying to make their flights. We had the whole day to kill, and started with another bus ride to Old San Juan. Long story short - long and crowded bus ride, worst ceviche ever, slightly hung over, and then RAIN. The bus, the hangover, and the rain, I can handle. But I can't STAND bad food. Warm ceviche on a hot tostone? To quote Amy Pohler and Seth Meyers, "REALLY?" Only to be replaced (with quite bad service) with slightly less warm, but not cold, still flavorless ceviche. REALLY!. 

Continue the day of misadventures, non-existent buses back to Isla Verde, and long (and very unfriendly) airport lines at the incredibly mismanaged Jet Blue Terminal in San Juan. Top it off with a flight leaving late, surprise turbulence, stressed captain yelling for flight attendants to sit and almost no food or beverage service. Add to that a passenger with an asthma attack requiring an oxygen tank and some sort of commotion causing attendants to run with medical bags to the back of the plane, only to assure us that "NO they're not really OK" later explained by 10 NYPD boarding the plane, two people arrested and one crazy-eyed girl who was bleeding. INTENSE. The whole plane was afraid to breathe.

For some reason, I continued with bad food luck Sunday, ordered some Dominoes as a last resort resolution to disaster at 9pm, only to have them F it up. That's how Dominoes rolls, down in BKLYN. Guaranteed in over 30 minutes, not what you ordered, and overcharged.

Monday was deceivingly calm at work, even with meeting a buyer and presenting my first ever line of boardshorts for the first time. Tuesday I was ambushed by owners and senior sales staff at what I thought was a simple line review. Went to the gym, fixed that with happy endorphins. Came back today only to be surprised by ambush continued. Stressed. Went to the gym, but more to come tomorrow, without a doubt. 

With all this stress and de-stressing, I've not had much time to properly dine. Although the food curse ended yesterday with a fake bbq chicken sandwich, today was back to normal creative yumminess. We craved tacos, but only had 8" tortillas and no sour cream. With chunky sausages and Ranch dressing they were more like a wrap but turned out awesome. I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow!

Chorizo Taco Wrap
Chorizo sausage or Field Roast Mexican Chipotle (Vegetarian) Sausages - heated and sliced
Avocado, sliced
Tomato, sliced
Ranch Dressing
Shredded Cheddar
Flour tortillas

Lay wrap flat and drizzle with ranch dressing and a small amount of cheese. Top with hot sliced sausage down the center. Layer on avocado, tomato, cilantro and lettuce. Roll up and secure with a toothpick.

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