French Onion Cheese Toasts with Tomatoes

It has become apparent that I have been on a subconscious quest to make all food taste like an everything bagel. Sea Salt, Pepper, a hint of garlic or onion + anything creamy or cheesy does the trick. I realized this today, as I concocted some sliced whole wheat sourdough bread into cheesy toasts for breakfast. What else can I turn into a meal that pays homage to the everything bagel?

French Onion Cheese Toasts with Tomatoes
Thinly sliced bread, such as sourdough or leftover baguette
Laughing Cow Light French Onion Cheese Spread
Freshly ground Black Pepper
Grape or Cherry Tomatoes, sliced
Sea Salt

Top toasted bread with a schear of cheese and sprinkle with pepper. Lightly sprinkle sliced tomatoes with sea salt and arrange on top of the toasts. 

*These could also make a great party appetizer, on toasted baguette slices, or even some crispy crackers.
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