Snow Storm Salmon

Man, it seems like years since summer. I just don't know if I can take another walk home from the Q train in 9 degree wind-chill (yeah, I know, it's really not that far). I've got no vacation coming up, and can't remember the last time I saw a beach... pretty sure it was Puerto Rico last June...

I've probably had worse Januarys. I've probably been fatter. I've probably been paler white. I wouldn't call it cabin fever - yet. Just typical northeastern post-holiday doldrums; the dead of winter.

With thoughts of greener grass and warm sunshine, I've had summer food on my mind. I've tended towards salads a bit more as I tire of roasting roots. And I'm craving fish like crazy. But let me tell you, vegetarians really don't appreciate the smell of fish cooking - so I just about never have it.

Last week my husband decided to hole up in the Marriott close to his current work location, due to yet another snowstorm. So on this rare occasion, I stopped by a store on my way home to pick up something special for dinner. I decided on a nice slice of organic salmon to bake. It was late and I didn't have much time to obsess over how to prepare for my personal salmon party - so I got home and checked the Simply Recipes site to see how Elise would roll with this. Her Panko-Crusted Salmon was just what I was looking for.

I added a little lemon juice to the mustard, but aside from that I followed the recipe pretty closely. The method is pretty simple - just mix up something mustardy and spread it all over the fish. It creates a boundary between the oil of the fish and the crispy crumbs, and seals in juices. It also keeps the crumbs in place. Mixing oil into the crumbs makes sure they all get toasty. I might play around with different glazes and herbs, but this is a good go-to recipe for salmon fillets.
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