Curried Cashew Burgers

They're not exactly a quick and easy weeknight supper, but these Curried Cashew Burgers I just made were pretty awesome. Maybe the texture inside was a little too smooth - some chunks of veg would add some texture- but overall the flavor was great. The red lentils work so much better than the beans or oatmeal I have tried in the past for making patties. Cashews make them tasty and filling.

I also messed up the Raita a bit because I didn't have limes and used lemon. Then I misread the recipe and put about 1/4 C of lemon where it called for 1 Tablespoon. That makes an already sour Chobani plain yogurt VERY tart. Plus I can not find mint anywhere and had to use cilantro. But it was fine once it mixed together with the bread and burger. My husband put the thin chip-like potatoes inside too, for some crunch.

Get the recipe from EATING WELL.

P.S. Pair this curry flavor with a smooth and casual Garnacha wine, like Evodia Old Vine Garnacha. Enjoy it while you make someone else clean up the mess you made while concocting these patties.
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