Vitamin D & Sunshine

My husband just woke me from a dream I was having about smashing windows out of SUV's, walking down a hill through broken glass barefoot, and handing out fliers at a high school craft fair. He woke me up from my dreamy sleep in the dark bedroom to go sit in the bright East-facing guest room for a little while to drink the coffee he made me.

This is because Dr. George phoned me at 9:30pm last night (a Friday, mind you) to tell me to get 10 minutes of sun per day. After getting the annual lab results back, he realized no one had called me to explain a few flagged items. The very slightly high total cholesterol numbers, he said, were really not a problem at my age (must have been all that cheese!). But low vitamin D levels concerned him. That, and well, it seems my Hep B vaccine from 14 years ago "didn't take" or wore off... no big deal.

How could I not have enough Vitamin D? I take multi-vitamins and eat a variety of things rich in D! Dr. George told me I can take all the "sexy" vitamins I want, but they won't absorb unless I get at least 10 minutes of sun per day. This, from the guy who (only half-jokingly) offered to prescribe me Cialis for my honeymoon, and told my husband to drink red wine every day to lower his cholesterol (and trust me, each time the bottle opens he reminds everyone that it's doctor's orders). But facts are facts, no matter how silly they seem.

I guess there's a scientific reason to why I've been craving a couple days at the beach. I wish he could prescribe me tickets to Jamaica!
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