Hot Pink Drink: Watermelon & Mint Juice

It's Monday. The weekend is over. We're back to work.

Which is exactly why we need to talk about next weekend. July 4th.

I know you're thinking about it already. You're planning. You're plotting. You're thinking about food. Babecue food. Food with vibrant colors like red, white and blue. Food bursting with salty juices, served on toasty buns, covered in condiments and chased by cold beverages.

Cold beverages. Yes.

And nothing says summer like a crisp wedge of watermelon, does it? If you'd like a break from sticky fingers and a stained white shirt, try blending up the pulp for a refreshing pink drink. You could spike it with liquor if you like, but it makes an even better hangover helper.

Hot Pink Watermelon & Mint Juice
recipe for one 8-10 oz serving, increase accordingly

1-1/2 C seedless watermelon chunks/juices
3 medium sized mint leaves
1 grind of black pepper
tiny pinch of salt
1/2 tsp honey

Place all ingredients in a blender and purée until smooth, about 20 seconds. Pour over ice and garnish with a mint leaf. 

If you have an immersion (stick) blender, you can use the plastic cup that came with it, or a pyrex measuring cup, for one quick-blended serving.


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