Photos from Gujarat

A curious boy who followed us in our 3 ceremonies throughout the village
 Our first stop in India was the state of Gujarat. To complete our marriage and avoid basically being "cursed" in our lives together, to put it simply, we had to travel around Gujarat to ancestor's temples to complete ceremonies. Our home-base was the more modern city of Ahmedabad where we enjoyed the comforts of the familiar Marriott and the flavors of a very different McDonalds.

View from the Marriott... looks like a graveyard for motorized things. Or a swamp that dried up with cars inside.

Gujarat is mostly vegetarian, so McDonald's conforms with a huge veg menu
We then traveled 4 hours and got lost several times to stay a night in chaotic Rajkot.  Only for a few hours sleep.

Sunset, somwhere along the journey between Ahmedabad and Rajkot
On our trip to Morbi, Amit's father's home-village, I had to dress in a red Sari as we visited 5 different temple locations, in 105 degree sun, for various ceremonies I can really tell you nothing about, since I have no idea what I was doing. Basically, we were tied together at the wedding 2 years ago, and had to be untied through a series of exercises in various temples, under the guidance of family and resident locals. Whatever it was, my in-laws are much more relaxed now about our union, which was the whole point of the torture we endured. 

Part of a ceremony in the Mehta family temple, built by a great-great-grandfather guided by a dream
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