Awesome Orange Balsamic Scallops, Among Other Things

OH this week is Draaaaaginggggg.

BUT.... it's not one of those boring, every day the same weeks. Except for that I took the N to 14th to switch to the Q instead of standing on the smelly 34th street platform two days in a row and it actually worked perfectly. That never happens more than once, without some train doors slamming in your face when you try to transfer. So that was kinda groundhog-day-ish. Other than that....

Had some good meals this week. Real good food week.

Monday, I got a delicious BBQ chicken bowl from Mexicue on 7th Ave. Oh yeah, that was awesome.
Sear scallops in butter. Add 1/4 tsp orange zest to 1/3C balsamic vinegar and reduce over low heat until syrupy.

Monday night, my Fresh Direct arrived 5 minutes before I got home, perfect timing! I was able to make seared Sea Scallops with Orange Balsamic Drizzle.

Risotto with Orange juice, wine, onions, fennel, peas and pistachios.
And I experimented with some Orange Fennel Risotto. That was alright. Interesting. Needs some work. Or not, we can just forget it probably. The flavors were a bit too overwhelming by the 2nd day as leftovers.

Besides having way too much energy this week, Misty thinks the new memory foam kitchen mat is for her. BTW it's super hard to get the hair off of it, not to mention the shards of nylabone.

Tuesday I had a pretty cool ready-to-eat lunch from Fresh Direct. Rosa Mexicano Chicken Veracruz. Tasty. Gave me pretty bad indigestion though, and that made getting through the afternoon tough.

Tuesday night I made a very tasty broiled Salmon Fillet with a crumb topping. Slathering it with mayo to get the crumbs to stick, and seal in the moisture, is key.

Today, I found a lunch option that has always been right under my nose: 'wichcraft at 32nd & Broadway. I somehow always believed that it was just for coffee. Even though I knew what 'wichcraft was. I just NEVER saw anyone buying anything there. Now I know why. It's very good. BUT... SO OVERPRICED. Did I need 6oz of goat cheese in my sandwich? Probably could've got by with 4oz. I appreciate the generosity, but really - a $15 lunch should consist of a seated meal with a server and include beverage and ambience. But this was just a veggie sandwich and a cup of soup. Both delish- creamy goat cheese, avocado, walnuts... cheesy tomato soup... but are you kidding me? They didn't even give me any bread or crackers for the soup. C'mon! Well, now I know. $17 for chips/soda/LOBSTER ROLL at Nauti, Luke's Lobster truck is a better splurge, but they just rarely come around!

Tonight, I checked out the new Shake Shack in Brooklyn (a few blocks from my house) with my friend KK, who was kind enough to come down to Brooklyn to meet up. The vegetarian 'Shroom Burger is so good! Deep fried mushroom stuffed with cheese, and a little thousand-island dressing and stuff. So good. The fattiest mushroom sandwich EVER. But worth every bite and every penny. Although I paid a lot less for it than my lunch.... $10 for the sammy and the fries. I won't count the bottle of wine we split... but that was good too!

Amarula Brownies: Replace water with Amarula Cream Liquor!
Somehow this all left me craving brownies. Alright, I've been craving them for a few days. I couldn't help throwing together a batch of them tonight when I got home. If you use a really shallow pan, they only take about 30 minutes. I decided to use Amarula instead of water, along with some chocolate chips and nuts - cuz that's just how I roll on a Wedesday.

Little Misty probably wishes I spent less time playing with food and more time playing with her! It's only Wednesday honey... if even for 20 more minutes... two more LONG days!



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