First Day of a New Job

I don't want to shift focus from my main purpose here, which is to share so much lovely food with you. But, I'll probably be making some references to my life going forward, and I owe you the opportunity to understand what's going on here. No cheesy photos, just a quick explanation of what has been going on in my life. 

I'll make it quick:

So today I officially started my new day job. I can proudly say I am now the "President of Doing Whatever I Want". At least for the next 6 months. 

So what happens in 6 months, you ask? 

Well, there's due to be a little Libra joining the household in the end of October. That is, as long as he or she decides to come a couple days early... fingers crossed! 

And then Little Libra becomes President of Doing Whatever I Want, and I get demoted to serving and supporting the President for some time. 

Don't feel too jealous. Or do. I can't tell you how to feel. 

My first day was busy. I used and recharged my laptop battery 2 full times. I made an excel sheet to keep track of all the projects, to-do lists and forgettable items. I did some laundry. I vacuumed. I researched baby furniture. I walked Misty with my friend for 45 minutes. I spent a few hours researching complex travel itineraries for the President (myself) and CFO (my husband) of Whatever I Want.  Cuz, Yeah, what we want is to travel. A LOT. 

I am, for the first time ever, dedicated to my own life. 30-some years I spent focused on becoming a successful fashion designer. Seriously, since I could hold a pencil. Been there, done that, not fulfilling, next! 

No looking back now, and certainly no regrets.


Congrats, Deena! So exciting!!

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