Almond Flour: Low-Carb Coconut Almond Crisps

It's pretty hard to find a crunchy sweet cookie with few enough carbs to enjoy at the end of a meal. I bought some almond flour to try out some low-carb recipes and set to experimenting. I decided to try out this recipe I found for coconut crisps on Linda's Low Carb Menus site, considering I had all the ingredients. I pictured a lacy, crispy, crunchy, sweet cookie.

I like that each one has only about 1 gram of carbs each, but was surprised to find that they are only about 2" round. They were actually more like a cracker than a cookie. However, my jaw got very tired chewing them, as they are very densely packed with coarse almond flour and coconut.

I felt like these cookie-crackers needed something extra. Luckily, they are so low in carbs I had some leeway to play around. I experimented with different combinations of peanut butter and jelly: natural chunky peanut butter with strawberry-raspberry preserves, and natural chocolate peanut butter with both the strawberry-raspberry and mixed berry preserves.

They were still a little thick to chew - 3 sandwiches was my jaw's limit, as well as about 16g carbs. Four made a decently filling snack (along with a couple dried apricots), although pretty messy to eat and took some skill.

These little coconut crisps could make for an interesting tea or party snack, but for me they don't really fit the cookie-dessert slot I was hoping to fill. I'll stick to having my occasional Tate's Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie for that - they are amazing.


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