Almond Flour: Low-Carb Pizza "Crust"

I miss pizza so much. Having gestational diabetes is only short-term, and luckily I only have a few weeks to go. Last week, I thought maybe I could get away with a couple slices of pizza since my numbers have been nice and low. This week, week 35, my glucose numbers seem to be jumping up.

Earlier this week I was playing around with almond flour as a low-carb alternative to wheat flour, and tried making this yummy-looking pizza crust recipe from Comfy Belly (a cooking/recipe blog with lots of gluten-free ideas).

Misty, on "her" memory foam kitchen mat, added a challenging element for this clumsy pregnant chef to work around.
I have been hesitant to invest in almond flour, since it's quite expensive. But I found 1lb bags for $4 each at Trader Joe's - always a great resource for affordable nuts! For $4, I figured it was worth a shot to see if I liked almond flour.

The verdict: I'm still on the fence. I'm glad this diet is just temporary. Although this pizza crust was pretty tasty, it definitely didn't fill the pizza-dough void. As I found with the coconut-almond crisps I made, the crust was soooo much work to chew. When I see an 8" pizza, I want to eat the 8" pizza - especially since this one (1/2 the dough recipe) was only 20g of carbs. But after eating half, my jaw was exhausted, and I admit I was getting a little full. Maybe I should have pressed the dough thinner. Or maybe I should have left it thicker and less crispy. Who knows.

Pita Pizza - tried and true
For now, I will stick to using my trusty-rusty Damascus 10 net carb whole wheat pitas for my low-carb pizza fix. At least you get a little bready-ness - since luckily I'm not worried about the gluten, just the carbs. 


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