Leftover Chili Baked Eggs

Warning: stupid jokes, dumb writing and made-up words. Apologies in advance.

To begin, I've been terribly uncreative about breakfast, lately. It gets later and later each day. I'm back to my old way of drinking coffee for the first 3 hours, forgetting to drink any water, and ending up starving and thirsty. I actually dislike breakfast food, quite a lot, and delay the meal until I'm desperate. Usually this leads me to resort to my favorite breakfast: an everything bagel. Uh oh! I gained so much weight doing this exact thing in my early 20's, although I blamed that on the abundance of wonderful NYC delis delivering to my office. Now, I only have myself to blame for a freezer full of bagels I bought at Fairway.

My husband picks on me for my two breakfasts of choice: bagels or scrambled eggs. I argue that scrambled eggs are not a choice I like, but just an easy alternative to eating bagels every single day. I honestly don't love scrambled eggs, but my son does, so that's another perk to making them for myself. If he eats an egg with me in the morning, he is all proteined up for a sweet, long, nap!

Today I'm baking bread. So to eat a bagel and look forward to a day of fresh bread seems just a little too gluttonous (and glutenous!).... Elbow jabbing "wink wink"... yeah, we're on little sleep today. 

It happens to be lunch time, and I'm just getting around to breakfast... unless you want to say the two tablespoons of leftover sugary apple crisp I had at 9am counted. Looking into the fridge, I see the eggs looking at me. "We're easy, we're filling, you're starving, eat us!" they call. Ugh, just not in the mood, and it would require toast on the side, yet the bread is not ready. My eyes wander to the more lunchy options... leftover chili? Nah, not ready for hardcore lunch. AHA! Eggs + chili + an already hot oven = Mexican baked eggs! I spy a leftover baked potato, as well, to quarter and bake. A glutenless brunch! 

Just fill a tiny baby ramekin, set it, forget it, and write a blog post that probably nobody cares about! Yay Sunday! 

Thick bean chili, egg, cheese, bake at 400F for 15 minutes (for firm yolk). Top with hot sauce, sour cream, and cilantro.
Amazeballs! That looks so good for the amount of effort I put in! Next time you come stay at Hotel Mehta, you'll be getting this for breakfast! Exclamation point Exclamation point!! 

I need a nap.


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