Vegetarian Superbowl Snacks

Nobody is coming to watch the Superbowl at our house this year. Ironically enough, since we moved to a house three times bigger than our apartment, we don't have a great television space like we used to. This old Victorian house has small rooms intended for intimate entertaining, not designed for the sound-systems of 100 years in the future. 

But, if I were hosting this year, here is what I'd feed you at my all-vegetarian Superbowl party:

Instead of classic chili, I'd make a big, easy, pot of hearty Harira Stew (with crusty baguette from the awesome St. Rocco's bakery on the side).

Vegetarian Harira Stew
You just have to have chips and guacamole at a Superbowl party. Make it something to remember by adding a surprise like peas or fruit.

Green Pea Guacamole

Fruit Guacamole
Stuffed Mushrooms are a classic, especially crowd-pleasing with a creamy spinach-artichoke filling.

Spinach and Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms
If I had enough time, I'd make these hearty Beef-less Empanadas. See if the meat-eaters even notice the beef is fake!

Beef-less Empanadas
Everyone knows that pigs-in-blankets disappear as fast as you can bake them at a party. They can be meat-free also, and easy to make.

Smart-pigs in Cheesy Blankets
Don't forget the sweet element - a box of brownies takes no effort at all once you've got that oven hot. And easily made vegan, as well.

Box-Mix Vegan Brownies
Happy Superbowl! Have fun and eat well!


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