Oatmeal Upgrade

Here's a simple way we are improving breakfast this week. I mixed up a container for the week with plain quick-cook oats with just a tiny bit of brown sugar, dried fruit-sweetened cranberries and raisins. Along with some fresh blueberries my kids decided they weren't interested in, I invested in two new ingredients to add nutrients and protein to breakfast: fresh almond butter and sunflower seeds.

The kids weren't keen on it. My husband skipped the berries, almond butter and seeds, choosing organic plain peanut-butter instead. But we're on our way, step by step.

Each time we use up a pantry item, I'll replace it with a healthier choice.
Our starting point: instant oatmeal packets we've become reliant on during busy mornings.
The end goal: whole oats, preferably organic, dairy-free, loaded with healthy goodies and no junk.


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