All of a Sudden Shanghai

It's been exactly 30 hours since I got up this morning. I've eaten 2 breakfasts and 4 dinners, all in different countries. It looked like the China trip didn't need to happen, after I canceled all my plans for a month. But, at 2pm on Monday afternoon, I was asked to fly out to Shanghai by Tuesday morning. As if flying last minute coach-class at the mercy of unorganized penny-pinchers wasn't enough, my hotel kinda sucks too. Oh yeah, and it seems like they block Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, and English language Google over here. I had this pipe dream of coming back from work to run in the gym (this crap hotel doesn't have one), and updating my blog with the fun things I see and eat each day. I looked forward to falling asleep watching movies on Starz and other syndicated shows we forgot about, but the only English channel here is all World Cup. I figured I'd call my office, and my man, but the friggin phone only works once every 4 tries - and you can only call landlines. But I'm smarter than you, fate. My husband has Platinum status which earned me a hotel change where rooms are few due to the World Expo. Goodbye, beat up crappy hotel with the wierd smell. I've still got high speed internet, even if I am chained to the desk by a 3-foot cord. I have Skype. I have Ichat. I have yahoo mail, from which I can still blog. And flickr seems to work too - so watch out for photos when I finally have the balls to go out on the corner and be that white girl taking pictures of wierd stuff. I had two todays, but tomorrow will be a better day.

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