Roasted Breakfast

 Roasted French Breakfast Radishes with Purple Scallions

It's a beautiful sunny Saturday here in NYC. We didn't get many sunny weekends last summer, when it rained from amost every Friday through every Sunday. So this year we can really appreciate the nice weather.

Before heading out to the farmer's market today, I'm trying to use up last week's finds in my breakfast. I found more LaRatte potatoes in the bottom of the produce drawer, so I'm seeing how those fare as oven fries. That made me wonder what would happen if I roasted the breakfast radishes... can you roast radishes? They're a root, so in theory it should work out. After all that chopping, I don't really feel like cooking eggs to go with all this - so I flattened out a whole wheat sandwich bun to make into parmesan toast in the oven. I happen to like these sorts of things for breakfast, which might be wierd. But, it's good experimentation for future dinner sides.

 Roasted LaRatte Potatoes with Shallots, Parsley and Sour Cream

Lessons learned: 
-LaRatte potatoes don't have much flavor when roasted. Also, the skins get tough.
-French breakfast radishes taste a bit bitter when roasted, like a turnip. They would make a fine side dish at dinner - maybe roasted together with other veggies like carrots.
-If the vegetable has a French name, take the French approach and keep it simple (such as my radish salad). Don't overthink it!

Roast French Breakfast Radishes and Scallions
1. Wash, trim and halve the breakfast radishes. 
2. Toss with chopped scallions, olive oil, sea salt and pepper. 
3. Roast in a 425F oven for 15 minutes.
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