Macro Vegan Samosa Dumplings

New vegetarian & vegan products are constantly popping up in the grocery stores. I feel like they disappear just as quickly, too. As soon as you find something you love, it never fails, you might never see it again. It's a good idea to check the "soy" area of the produce section and freezer aisles regularly, and to stock up on the things you love.

I've noticed these Macro Vegetarian plastic containers of ready-made Asian foods at Fairway a few times. We finally decided to pick up a package because it sounded kind of interesting and different: Samosa Dumplings. Let's try it out!

They're like Chinese dumplings, or potstickers, filled with corn, peas, potatoes and curry spices - like an Indian samosa. We fried them up and dipped them in soy sauce, as you would any dumpling. They were actually pretty good!


B.A.D. said…
I am super jealous! I love potstickers and samosas, so these sound perfect!
Michael said…
I found these the other day at a local grocery store. They were pretty delicious. Mine had corn in them, which I initially found to be odd since samosas don't contain corn, but the sweetness of the corn really hit the spot.

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