Divine Inspiration

An idea hit me this morning on the Q train. That’s how it usually happens, all of a sudden, out of the blue. I had been thinking about how to sum up and focus all the things I love to share with my world. It has been suggested by friends that I start a blog for my love of cooking and eating. This passion for food has lead me to become quite obsessed with exercise and health, as well. A fashion designer by day, I research trends and interesting style for my own inspiration, which I share for the amusement of others. I’ve also recently moved into a new home - a blank canvas, for which I am constantly collecting inspiration. Today it finally occurred to me what all these things, and myself, have in common. Why do I seek happiness from beauty in my work, home & body? Because I’m a Libra! I simply can’t help it. It’s who I am. Every aspect of my life revolves around finding balance. Balance of diet and exercise. Balance of style and comfort. Balance between cultures and values in marriage. There are so many ways to find balance, but the most rewarding is to see others love what I love.

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