Get Thee the D&G!

I've never been a sunglasses snob. I've never worn them on the train, or inside, or on my head just to show off a logo. But I'm almost 30 and I am seriously sick of my head being pinched by cheap plastic frames. I'm sick of wiping the sunblock grease deeper into the scratched plastic lenses. I'm sick of wondering if my eye-cover is really protecting my eyes. Although there is not abundant necessity to wear sunglasses in Manhattan (unless you're sunning in the park), I feel the need to trade up. I have never managed to part with money for non-prescription eyewear, but I have some gift cards I've been saving up. As with any big purchase, I am following the proper procedure:
1. Try, but do not buy.
2. Note the coveted item's model number.
3. Search the web for reviews.
4. Visit the item and decide if it is still desired.
5. Comparison shop.

6. If still longing for the item, buy it!

Here's where I ran into trouble. I was ready to buy these beautiful D&G sunglasses today, I've been planning to get them for 2 months. Today was step 6. I walked up to the Sunglass Hut counter with 2 questions. "Can I try these on?" and "Do you have any others in stock? These are kinda used...". To which I got a reluctant salesperson to tell me "no you have to buy this pair, we only have one.". Excuse me? I don't pay $350 including tax for used sunglasses with someone elses greasy face all over them. And I also don't buy things from reluctant salespeople. It's a recession, honey, be glad you have a counter to stand behind, and a customer to stand in front of it! I decided to order the glasses online, however, the site doesn't accept AmEx giftcards. I called hoping to order by phone. No gift cards, sorry, must go to a store. So I continued to call every Sunglass Hut in midtown Manhattan (there's many), but they were all sold out! And no salesperson knew about any shipments or stock. The last call I made, I finally had a semi-success. They do only keep one of each item in stock, however, the 6th Ave store had just sold a pair, and knew the next ones would arrive within a day or two. I left my number and I am eagerly awaiting the call to go pick up my new babies!
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