Sunday Hangover Breakfast

It's a rare occasion that we stay out past midnight these days. Usually it's just dinner out with friends and then home to bed. But we've been stuck inside for weeks of rain, and I think everyone wanted to get out and celebrate the beautiful weekend. Last night our friends threw a Michael Jackson party, and all those themed cocktails really kicked my butt. This morning I remember how much I hate hangovers. Somehow I've dragged myself out of bed to make myself a nice fat hangover frittata. Remembering Food Science 101 from college, I know the amino acids in the eggs will help the after-effects of alcohol, and the vitamins can't hurt either. There's a good round-up of hangover cure myths and facts on HowStuffWorks. I think I'll make a banana and honey milkshake (for essentail potassium and sugar) for the husband... if he ever gets up.

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