Burn A Lot, Eat A Little!

Monday is workout day in our household. If you don't jump right in and check one workout off the list on Monday, chances are you'll spiral downward into a never-ending gluttonous adventure of after-work drinks and dinners. Before we got married 10 months ago, our plans were 50% solo. But something mysterious happens as you find yourself, willingly or not, part of a unit. Suddenly everyone you saw at the wedding, and you promised to catch up with, wants to solidify those plans. Two families vie to host you as house guests in far off cities. Two sets of co-worker friends want to go hit the bars. Suddenly I feel like a rock star wife, whose presence and witty charm must grace every gathering and every work function. But when life is busy and changing at the speed of light, you need routine to balance you. You must make yourself, and your health, a priority. So Monday is workout day, and we'll try our best to avoid social temptation, and just plain laziness, the rest of the week.

Burn a lot today? Success. Eat a little today? Fail... sort of. Let's forgive my white wine, olive an cheese tirade today and focus on what I did do.

1 hour workout:
30 minutes - Elliptical, varying from resistance 6-12

1. 7.5lb weights - held at sides, lunges across room (10), double-pulse lunges across room (20)
2. 7.5lb weights - on back extension stand, lower with flat back, raise and pull weights in elbows close to body, pulling through the back
3. Wide push-ups with Side Plank - hands and feet to sides of mat, push-up, twist and raise one arm hand pointing toward ceiling
Repeat 2x
4. 7.5lb weights - hold straight down, palms face in. Stand tall, step to side with right leg and squat, holding weights straight down. Step back in with right leg, hammer bicep curl. Repeat w/ left leg. 20x total.
5. 7.5lb weights - lay on bench, face up. Chest presses: hold weights out to side, arms at right angles, palms face in. Arc hands up to straight above chest, palms facing. 20 reps, do not let elbows fall below body level.
6. 7.5lb weights - sit up on bench, grasp weight in right hand like hammer and place end on thigh. rotate arm out to the side, keeping the right angle, to work rotator cuff and shoulder. 10 reps. Repeat on other side.
7. Hold weight in right hand, in an L, arm straight out, elbow bent, palm face-forward. Rotate the hand down 90 degrees. 10 reps. repeat on other side.
Repeat 2x.

(I use 7.5lb weights, but sometimes I do this with 5lbs and do more reps. For the rotator exercises, 2lbs and more reps is preferable as the rotator cuff can be a delicate area)
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