When Your Pandora Allowance Is All Used Up

Another month begins. How painful that last week of July was, with bills to pay, rainy days and Pandora cut off. With the 40 hour per month limit, my go-to workday listening device was gone by the 3rd week of July. I tried You Tube but tired of searching and clicking every 5 minutes, and got way too distracted. Here are my top 5 substitutes for Pandora:
#1. Playlist.com is a legal and free website that links users with free music from around the web. This is so fun, I found 98% of the songs I was looking for, and was able to create an awesome playlist in under 30 minutes. (Listen to my playlist HERE).
#2. Jango is another "if-you-like-this-you'll-like-that" radio site that is fairly decent.
#3. MTV.com actually has some constantly updating playlists of videos, if you're in the mood for mainstream pop. Check out the K-Swiss playlist for a little 90's flashback that transitions into newer stuff.
#4. Radiomaliboomboom.com: My friend worked on this new site launched TODAY for Malibu Rum which integrates a Rhapsody radio player into a really fun web design. The station is kind of like the soundtrack to sitting on the beach while drinking a Malibu Bay Breeze.
#5. Cool Hunting's Summer 2009 Playlist is a finite but great recap of what's happening in alternative this summer.

Happy Listening!
P.S. You can find my Pandora stations HERE.
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