Inside-Out Ham & Cheese Omelet

This morning I started to make a egg white and ham sandwich. Then I decided I didn't really want bread, I just wanted the omelet. As I was sauteing the ham slices, I realized what I really wanted was the ham, and I was just making the omelet to get to the ham. So I decided to keep the ham on the outside, and the egg whites hidden inside. It was delicious!

Inside-Out Ham & Cheese Omelet (for 1)
pat of butter or margarine
2 slices of deli ham
thin sliced cheddar cheese
2 eggwhites, slightly beaten
cherry tomatoes

Heat butter in a 6" cast iron skillet. Brown one piece of ham on both sides and set aside. Brown the second piece and then layer the first piece over to cover the bottom of the pan. Add the egg whites on top of the ham, and keep poking the ham down so the whites cook evenly. When almost solid, add narrow strips of cheese down the center line. When cooked through, flip one edge of the omelet up and fold over to the center of the omelet. Continue to roll it to the other side and slide onto a plate. Garnish with halved cherry tomatoes.
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