Pillow Project On Hold

Big surprise, the pillow project and all sewing is on hold. I hope that I have not created one more half-finished project. The Monday after I re-arranged the guest bedroom to turn it into a workspace, the building managment requested entry to fix some flooring. I had to move all my things into a corner to make space for them to come and add some caulking between the baseboards. Unfortunately they did such a horrible job, that I had to leave all furniture aside until they return to re-do it properly. Meanwhile, someone's A/C unit 5 floors up has leaked and somehow managed to neatly bypass all other floors until busting out inside our wall - in the guest room. I walked in to reset the wireless router, only to find a big bubble of paint hanging over my computers, accompanied by a nice crack in the ceiling. Several calls and visits from management, and we now have about 16 lovely 2" holes drilled into our wall, and tire tracks from the water blob traveling around the wall. Not sure when everything will be repaired and repainted. Just my luck, for diving into anything more than a one-day project.
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