Today's Greenmarket Finds: Eucalyptus, Cheddar Cauliflower and Tomatoes

This morning's episode of Tyler's Ultimate inspired me to go over to the farmer's market and find some tomatoes to roast. He made this delicious-looking and easy soup by roasting several kinds of tomatoes and onions. So I headed out to gather as many types of tomatoes as I could find. Today all I could find were yellow, beefsteak and grape tomatoes, so that will have to do. I also found an appealing table of unusual varieties of cauliflower. Some looked like green spiky alien pods, others were a pretty purple like cabbage heads, and then these orange "cheddar cauliflowers" stood out. How could a cheese addict resist a vegetable named "cheddar"? I assume it won't taste like cheddar on it's own, but I plan to make a cheesy gratin out of it. I also found bunches of fresh-cut eucalyptus at the stands. For some reason I love putting things in vases all over the house - so I just had to get it. I also like the smell of eucalyptus - I've developed a habit of adding eucalyptus oil to water and spritzing it around lately to make the house smell good. Now I'll have the natural version. So here are my finds today, stay tuned for what becomes of them. Please forgive the terrible photos, as the good camera is traveling around the world with the husband for a couple of weeks.

Eucalyptus in the Master Bath

Cheddar Cauliflower

Yellow, Beefsteak and Grape Tomatoes


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