Non-committal Decorating

After brunch today, I decided to go clothes shopping on Broadway in Soho. I have been meaning to get to Topshop since it opened, months ago. However, my tastes have changed since my last visit 8 years ago in London. I only spent about 10 minutes exploring before I walked out. I have no patience for this kind of store, and no interest in wasting money on fast-fashion. As usual, the clean restroom in Crate and Barrel beckoned, and I became sidetracked ogling almost everything in there. I liked so many things, in fact, that I grabbed a catalog and started circling and list-making. Oh yes, a public display of my anal tendencies! I left the store very inspired to revive the guest bedroom decoration project. Inspiration turned into obsession, as usual, and I came home to research online to decide how to pull it all together.

As a Libra, I like many many things, and I find it hard to commit to a look. I can make decisions based on other's needs, but my own fickle desires are hard to nail down. I compiled my research and opened all my reference photos in Photoshop, where I set up layers of possibilities. Layer 1 represents my blank canvas: a photo of the room as it is now. Layer 2 is the bedding I fell in love with enough to call customer service for stock availability when I couldn't find it online (oh, it does exist, you just have to ask a few times). Subsequent layers consist of a home-made padded headboard and accessory possibilities to tie the color scheme together. The reason I added the picture rail and headboard is because the painting is looking a bit to high over the bed. But regardless of height, it is floating in space, so I feel the need to tie it down with other elements. I need to sit with this for a bit, but I feel about ready to commit to the bedding before it completely sells out for good, as my friendly Crate & Barrel rep suggested it was in very high demand.

my blank canvas: pale yellow room with ivory and white accents

Non-committal photoshop file of possibilites... wondering if the colors are too primary, but happy with how they bring out the painting's colors, and make use of cheap Pier 1 lamps. Roughly $325 without the headboard.

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