Christmas Eve

It's only Christmas Eve, and I'm practically ready to give up food. For the first time, I'm looking forward to NOT eating. I need a deep cleanse. Last Friday it started with a pot-luck lunch at work. Sunday: drunk brunch. Monday was our work party, and although I'm not a fan of their dinner spread and ate mostly crudite, I did get in a good shot of Patron. That set the night on fire and I set out to the bar with co-workers, and continued at yet another bar. Tuesday was team lunch at Carmines, where the food and wine put us all in a coma for the rest of the day. Top that with drinks and dinner with a visiting friend (yeah, Houston's - STEAK). I forgot the leftover steak in my purse overnight, and threw it out - what a blessing in disguise. By Wednesday I felt about 3 inches fatter and very very tired. So needless to say, there will be no photo with this post, as the very last thing I want to think about is food, drink, parties, or entertaining. Don't tell that to the 9 family members I'll be feeding a giant lasagna to tonight! And that's not even the end...
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