3 Vegetarian Dinners in Copenhagen

The Marriott Midtown Grill had no vegetarian items on the menu, yet we had seen pasta on the room service menu. So they offered ravioli with mushroom cream sauce, or tagliatelle with red sauce. One gigantic bowl of tagliatelle was fine, but not impressive.

Upon requesting the bill, the waiter brings a treat to every table. Surprise - a fire pot with marshmallows and chocolate shavings. Toast, dip, yum! It was worth going just for that.

We decided on a place called Paafuglen in Tivoli Gardens. We wanted to go look around, so dinner gave us a purpose. The rides looked fun, but not okay for pregnant girl.

My husband ordered the eggplant gratinee with peppers and mushrooms over polenta.

It was very pretty, as you can see. Unfortunately the eggplant itself was quite raw, so it was wasted. He said the polenta was good. But what good is a star ingredient you can't even eat?

My dessert was rhubarb consommé with a hard-chocolate shelled cake and rhubarb sorbet. Pretty too, but very strange. Rhubarb water pool that gets all mucked up with cake bits. Strange.

I received a message from a friend who has followed my postings this week. He is from Sweden and helped us plan our trip, so he was concerned about our search for suitable foods in Copenhagen. He took it upon himself to contact a vegetarian friend living in Copenhagen for advice and passed it along.

Thanks to the friend of a friend, we had some pretty cool veggie burgers tonight at Halifax. It's specifically a burger joint up in the Latin Quarter. Apparently Latin Quarter here doesn't mean the culture of the neighborhood, but refers to its actual Latin speaking roots at the University nearby.

It was a long walk from our hotel, which is so far from everything. We worried when we got to the restaurant and it was small and full. Definitely popular... So we put in a good 15-20 minutes wait, outside, hiding in an alley from the rain. We were 3 minutes from giving up when we were called in.

Luckily, it was worth the wait. Halifax has a great concept - a four step program. 1. Choose the type of burger (themed toppings like Mexican or breakfast). 2. Choose your patty - different types of meat, chickpea or celery root patty. 3. Choose a side, like potatoes, salad or nachos. 4. Choose a sauce, like chipotle or mayo.

My husband got the classic style "KØBENHAVN" chickpea burger on a bun with pickles, tomato and onion.

I chose the "ZÜRICH" chickpea burger. It was open-faced with a bottom bun, lettuce, onion, pickles, chili-fried mushrooms, and topped with a fried potato pancake (Rösti).

Both plates were enormous! Twice as much food as I could eat. Everything was pretty good and definitely interesting. I mean, they had me at pickles, so.... This one was a success. Thank you to our thoughtful friend!

To recap:
Midtown Grill: Not recommended for vegetarians, but you'll live if you go... http://www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-information/restaurant/cphdk-copenhagen-marriott-hotel/

Paafuglen: Ok for veg in Tivoli if they learn how to cook it properly someday... http://www.paafuglen.dk/
Alternative option : mystery vegetarian option from Madklubben next door to it.

Halifax: Highly recommended for veg - http://www.halifax.nu/
Alternative option: Atlas Bar on the nearby corner has a vegetarian menu. http://atlasbar.s-12.dk/default.asp?pid=30

Tomorrow morning we head home. I can't wait to hug my dog and cook some healthy vegetables from the greenmarket. I could vacation forever if I could bring my kitchen (and dog) with me... But we've had enough for now.

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Location:Kalvebod Brygge,Copenhagen,Denmark


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