Vegetarian Lunch in Helsinki

Wow. Just look at that giant plate of food. It's all vegetarian. I don't even know exactly what it all is. But that doesn't matter - it was all delicious!

We arrived in Helsinki around noon at our hotel, Klaus K. Hungry for lunch, I checked to see if this veg restaurant I had heard of was nearby. Joy, it was only 3 blocks!

Zucchini was a different format from what we are used to. I guess they may call it cafeteria style, although it looked like someone's parlor and living room with cafe tables. The menu was all in Finnish (but knowing it was all veg friendly), monkey-see/monkey-do, we followed those arriving ahead of us.

It turned out not to be a menu of choices, but a "here's what you're eating today" statement. You grab a tray, let the nice guys fill up your plate "with everything, please", and pay. The server explained as he shoveled food from covered trays that it was lentil loaf and roast potatoes (with red pepper sauce). There was also green salad, tzatziki, little red beans in a sweet gravy.

After paying, we got water and sliced wheat bread and found a seat next to two other patrons who were deep in conversation, but welcoming to the new table mates entering their elbow space.

What a hearty, healthy, vegetarian meal. The lentil loaf was sweet but flavorful with carrots and possibly squash, with a crispy baked top. The little red beans in sweet red gravy were delicious with bread.

So glad we tried Zucchini the first day here - we may go back tomorrow!

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