Vegetarian Lunch in Copenhagen

Malmö was cute, but today we moved on across the water to Copenhagen, Denmark.

For some reason we splurged $5-10 and got ourselves first class tickets on the 30 minute train ride. After a train employee passed by and said "you know this is first class" and i said "yes", no one ever checked our ticket!

Our next discovery was that the central station was a very long distance from our hotel, what with dragging two huge bags. This being the closest transportation to our hotel besides a bus that would be very unfamiliar upon first arriving. I wish someone told us you really need to come to the hotel by taxi.
My husband, the bag mule, has come to hate cobblestones with a passion. Even the newly laid stones are difficult to walk and roll on and walking with the bags has become a cuss fest.

Luckily we stay free on points at Marriott, and get breakfast and lounge access and all that. Huge room. Free wifi. The works. So I shouldn't complain. But still, the main drag is a haul!

Especially considering that I've really gotten huge this week. I think I am catching up on all the weight I didn't gain in months 1-4. Next week is 6 months! I look it now. Everything is getting big and uncomfortable. Sitting here writing this hurts my butt. My feet go to sleep from time to time, and my posture is shit. Sometimes baby kicks the crap out of my belly. He seems to quiet when I have ice cream of chocolate though... Hmmm ... Or is that just my excuse?

One thing I won't complain about is the lunch we found today. I researched a bit yesterday and had a place in mind to try: RizRaz (Sticks & Veggies).

We easily found it, with help from iPhone maps and my best friend, "blue gps dot". FYI Mr. Dot will locate you continuously anywhere in the world with cell towers, if you load your map through wifi ahead of time and leave it open. It will only remember a couple square miles, but it's a foot-travel lifesaver.

RizRaz is a vegetarian buffet, and you can order a side of meat delivered to your table for a few extra bucks. But the buffet is totally veg so no worries of cross-contamination. I was hoping that it would be like the super-veg-buffet Hiltl ( that we found in Zurich, but it is about 1/4 that size and trendiness.

Still, we enjoyed a buffet with many cold salads and middle-eastern dips and pita, as well as the crispy sesame-laden falafel balls. They had lasagna, pizza and noodles too, but to me they looked underwhelming. $40-ish for 2 meals and 2 drinks was a decent deal here and the tables were quite busy.

The cold items filled my plate high. I took beets, green beans, carrot-coconut slaw, babaganoush, hummus, tzatziki, zucchini stew, German potato salad, pesto penne and pita triangles. I didn't have room for watermelon salad, sour-cream cole slaw, Fava bean pods or green salad. There may have been more.

Luckily we had a successful lunch because I simply can NOT find good dinner options. I searched the internets long and hard for anything but Asian food. We've already had 2 Indian, 1 Thai and 1 Vietnamese meal in recent days. I couldn't even find an Italian restaurant with good options here. If you are veg your only option is ravioli, and that's only at like two restaurants.

Everything here has meat in it. I have a hard time finding something for myself - since red meat and pork makes me physically ill now. Which does not mean I want chicken or fish in every item including my soup and salad.

Needless to say I'm completely frustrated with the veg food search here in Copenhagen. It's a culture of modesty and moderation but they really need to apply that principal to their proteins!

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Location:Kalvebod Brygge,Copenhagen,Denmark


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