Snacking in Stockholm

We arrived in Stockholm this morning. It's the first stop on our last pre-baby Europe trip. The trip started out with a surprise upgrade to business class on Delta, and we were off!

So far we easily navigated the trains from the airport to hotel. Luckily that was before the rain started. We decided to nap it out.

After the rain we took the metro a few stops to check out Gamla Stan (the Old City). We explored the cobblestone streets and mostly closed shops around the Royal Palace.

I've found it useful to download city-guide apps when travelling without wifi access. I used guide-pal for this trip and it shows you a map and gps's your location using cell towers. It also lead us to this cool little restaurant called Pubologi. (

This little hybrid pub had wine, beer, and interesting small plates.
We ordered the Beetroot dish with marinated cheese, hazelnuts and other deliciousness. It seemed this little salad had every experience in one bowl: earthy, sweet, salty, smokey, bitter, creamy, crunchy.

Even better, just for the order, we got a shot-sized bottle of gazpacho and the most amazing fresh bread and butter. You can't beat bread and butter in Europe, it just tastes like it's supposed to.

I also got to enjoy a yummy sparkling cider free of alcohol while my husband had a beer. And there were actually two other options for me - non-alcohol beer and a Malbec wine I think.

The small snack we stopped for was delicious but so expensive. So we stopped and bought some cheap snacks too. These cream cheese crackers look interesting and we have had the gooey-centered Singoalla cookies before and love them. Hope this balances the budget a bit...

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