Afternoon Snack: Ham Sushi!

I love when Fresh Direct arrives a little earlier than expected. Especially today, as there is not much around to snack on, and I am STARVING. I opened the box, and low and behold I had ordered deli ham and cheddar. I love coldcuts. I love cheese. Ham Sushi! Ok, so it's not sushi at all, but it's assembled the same so my friends and I refer to it as Ham Sushi. Very popular party food among our crowd. I prefer to make this with thin Alpine Lace deli sliced cheese, but all I have on hand is a block of cheddar today. I actually made, ate, and blogged about it before I put the rest of the groceries away, that's how excited I was for this snack.

Ham Sushi!
Sliced cooked ham
Sliced cheddar or swiss cheese
Layer ham slice and cheese slice. Roll up tightly and slice into bite-size chunks. Serve alongside cherry tomatoes or green apple slices.
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