Dish Shopping

Lenox "Batik" pattern

It all started with the wedding registry and decorating a 1200 square foot apartment from scratch. Leading up to the wedding we received boxes week after week. Opening boxes became a new hobby. We moved into our new apartment a few months later, and opened more boxes. Then we set to purchasing furniture and essentials. We don't NEED anything else, although the walls are pretty bare. But I feel so lost without constant newness. I need new things. All the time. I'm always searching for something to personalize our space. I've been hunting "fun" dishes for months now. We have an old chipped set, and a basic set for every day. Somehow inviting dinner guests to eat from the every day set feels less exciting to me. I like people to have a dinner experience, not just eat good food. Plus, pretty things taste better and are generally more satisfying. I was almost ready to throw some Macy's credit toward a few plates when I noticed they wouldn't ship for 71 business days, and with shipping nearly $20. Not available in-store - and I work by the flagship Herald Square store, so if they don't have it there, they don't have it anywhere! So I found the manufacturer's site, and their prices were much lower than Macy's, and shipping tops out at $17. I'm still hesitant to purchase anything big right now, as I think the shopping Gods are mad at me. I'm on a cycle of buying and returning that is totally crazy. So maybe I'll research a little more... but I'm bookmarking the Lenox site nonetheless.
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