The Pillow Project: Part 1

Fabrics for pillow covers from Mood

Muslin squares sewn together

Finished pillow inserts

Guest bedroom studio

After several failed attempts, I've finally started the pillow project. Months ago, in April, we had the apartment painted. I spent months before that trying to decide what color to paint the master bedroom. I finally went to Mood Fabrics to see if I could find something inspirational. I came home with two fabrics, several trims from M&J, and delusions of hand-sewing matte gold sequins. The fabric became the deciding factor in the room's color, but once they were put away to do the actual painting, they were forgotten. I am notorious for unfinished sewing projects. I have boxes full of fabric that once had a purpose in mind, only to be hidden under beds. I set out to start this project on a rare day-off, but couldn't remember where I put the fabric. I ripped the whole apartment apart looking for it. Of course it was the last place I looked, in the very back of my closet, on top, in the middle of blankets and beach towels inside a zipper case. Of course I had forgotten the clear thread to sew the sequins, and I was determined to start the project, so I began calling stores trying to find clear thread. Every store was out of it. I did finally find it that day at Brooklyn Mercantile, but by then it was evening. My materials have been laid out in the guest bedroom ever since. Finally today I turned the guest bedroom from home-office to studio - moved the bed to the side and put a table in front of the window, closed the desk and put an ironing board in place. I assembled my cutting mat, muslin, sewing supplies and machine. I think this will help the motivation, as I quickly finished the 3 pillow inserts which I filled with the guts of an old lumpy body pillow. That's it for today, since now I am dreaming of dinner. How long will it take me to make the pillow covers? If I have it done by Labor Day, I'll be most impressed with myself.

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