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Even though I spend 2 hours with the trainer every week, I still have a hard time thinking of things to do in the gym. Especially if I go at home, where there are not as many machines or tools. I was just psyching myself up to go home and work out, when I came across this cool feature on Fitness Magazine's site. Apparently you can construct a series of workout videos from their library. This has been on my mind all week. I've been thinking I need to make some mix-n-match flash cards (like FitDeck... for Dummies) to bring to the gym. They would be funny because I can't seem to remember the names of exercises, even after a year of training. The trainer tells me "ok, get in prone position", and my mind goes "prone for what? like lay down?". And then finally I'm like "OH, you mean Frog?". There's another one that he has a name for, where you lay on the floor, hands behind head, ankles crossed in the air, and move your body side to side. I still don't know what he calls it, twist someting.... I call it "Dying Bug". I guess I'm more of the yoga mindset, where the sanskrit names for the poses resemble something tangible like dog, moon, or cow. So much easier. I dont' like to have to think too much when I work out, that's why I need flash cards or a video to follow. That's one benefit of working out - that for just a little while it gets quiet in my head, and my only concern is to just keep breathing.
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