$10 French Wine

Since my husband is celebrating his 1 year bachelor party anniversary (which he thinks is so clever) by going away with the guys to drink single malt scotch and smoke cigars (which he thinks is so masculine) I have the weekend to myself. One of many to come. He's probably put more planning into this trip (2 months or so) than he will for our actual wedding anniversary.

If he were here we'd be drinking red wine typically from Italy, Spain, or somewhere in South America. When he's not around I like a nice cold glass of white. Also, I am aiming to try more french wines these days. So I went over to our local wine shop, Gnarly Vines, to pick something up to go with the lobster. I'm not crazy about the neighborhood I cross to get there, but this store is like an oasis. There are young wine-savvy Brooklynites lingering, and the hands-on owner is always helping people find the perfect wine. I also like that the owner is very smart to the fact that most people shop by value, and has conveniently set all wines under $10 at the front of the store in open boxes, as well as clearly labelling prices. This also means he's not using the more expensive fixtures to sell cheap wines. Most liquor stores do this sort of thing, but it's usually "sale" items, and you don't know how they chose to promote them - whether they were old and dusty or poor vintages. But Gnarly has a consistent selection of value wines, complete with descriptive tags, so you're in and out as quick as you'd like. The description of the Colombard/Ugni Blanc helped me choose a French wine I never would have glanced at - something about a vacation and drinking the local wine and citrus sensations. OK, make me think about vacations and tart fruit and I'm sold! Indeed, the wine paired perfectly with lobster and corn, since it was mild with just a little citrus and sweetness. So from now on, I'll keep an open mind about their wine.


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