New Season = New Desire

As the weather quickly changes from hot and stormy to cool and calm, I find myself sniffling back a potential cold and looking forward to a return to cozy fall comforts. The crisp air brings up memories, and suddenly I want new clothes in hot colors and hot food in new flavors. Unfortunately, it is also my busy season in work, and aside from having little time to cook, the only time I get to shop for myself is when I'm shopping for work. For that very reason I hesitate to leave my desk for the shop's temptations. But a shopper will shop, no matter what, and I've developed quite the online shopping habit. Hardly a day goes by that the doorman greets me empty handed, as there seems to be a continuous flow of packages with my name on them. I promise I won't let myself buy much this fall, due to the whopper of an expensive year it's been, but I've got an eye out for the key items.

My first stop on the planning of the fall wardrobe is Karen Millen. If I had gone into women's fashion post-college, as I thought that I would, my line might look something like Millen's. Now, with all my background from designing ski-looks in outerwear, and also working as a buyer for yoga apparel, I'm even more certain that my ideas would look quite like hers. There is a lot of black, white and gray in her collections, with sudden pops of color. I like this concept, since I work on clothes all day, I don't like to work to get dressed. She does a lot with wool - always a favorite of mine to work with. But the signature look is color-blocked, pieced together and almost corseted with sensuous style-lines and chevron shapes. If I had time, I'd be inspired to sew for myself. If I had the money, I'd buy the whole line. However, here are the pieces I am in love with.

Karen Millen Tweed Dress
Karen Millen Tailored Skirt

Karen Millen Tweed Skirt
Karen Millen Elegant Dinner Shirt
Dinner Shirt Back
Karen Millen Colour Block Vest
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