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I finally have energy tonight, thanks to a nice workout. I tend to get stuck in a cycle of not working out and then feeling tired, and since I'm tired, I don't workout. I also tell myself to accomplish other tasks if I'm not going to workout, but since I feel tired, I don't do those either. Tonight is another story. Although my thoughts were on food the whole time I was ellipticizing, I was actually trying to come up with a way to eat healthier. My eating has become like my exercise habits - erratic and half-hearted attempts at staying on the wagon. These days I never manage to get in quite enough cardio, and I always manage to add something bad to anything healthy. I'm half-way there. So today I wanted to make some oatmeal cookies, and I opened the canister of oatmeal for the recipe, and holy crap - 2 sticks of butter! Oh no way. I still want my cookies but I don't want cardboard either. I found this recipe on and it came out really well. They're crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. I omitted the egg-whites and added 1 Tbsp of unsalted butter. I also used a mix of craisins, golden raisins and chocolate chips. I never knew you could make good cookies without butter OR eggs. Yum!
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