Apple Picking

This past weekend we went to Vermont to visit my parents. There's not a whole heck of a lot to do up there, and Saturday was a clear crisp Fall day, so we decided to go pick some apples. Unfortunately all the cider donuts were sold out, due to massive crowds, but we easily picked a half-bushel of Macintosh apples within 15 minutes. We also picked up some acorn and butternut squash, and some local aged cheddar. I documented the usual chickens and tractors, that are a dime-a-dozen up there, but somehow seem so novel once you spend 8 years away in the city.
I'll spend today cleaning the house, finding my fall wardrobe, and researching how to use the squash and 15lbs of apples that remain. Somehow I hope to fit in another batch of those oatmeal cookies we became addicted to, and maybe a run in the park. Stay tuned for how it all turns out...

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