Top 10 Posts of 2010

2010 flew by before I knew it. This has been an insanely busy, but freedom intensive, year. I somehow found time to shop the green markets, concoct new dishes, and travel to Switzerland, France, UK, Germany and even China. I dove into the world of Gardein (meat-like vegetable proteins) head first, opening a whole new world of cuisine for my husband, and reducing my own meat consumption significantly. So much in fact, that I decided to participate in Vegan MoFo and write only about vegan foods all November.

There's definitely a demand for delicious healthy food, and I hope I've shared at least some inspiration here. All all of my top ranking posts were vegetarian related. These were the top 10:

Vegetable and Sausage Wrap

I only wish I had time to attend more fun food events like that BBQ festival and Giada demo. The Red Hook ball field vendors are still on my to-eat list, as well as the hip food trucks cruising the city (see which ones I've been stalking on Twitter). I'd love to take an informal cooking class or two just for fun, and get more involved with the local farms and City Winery events.

Hopefully those resolutions work out next year. In the meantime, I'm already dreaming up new topics for 2011. You'll see more quick and easy meals here, focus on "superfoods" you'll actually want to eat, and an organized recipe index.


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