Ice Cream Happinezz For A Much Too-Hot Day

(From Tuesday, May 24th)

I made my first purchase in India today, at an outdoor vendor in 104 degree heat and blazing sun. Well, technically my father-in-law did all the negotiating and paying. I just pointed to the big beautiful textile I wanted for our entry-way and it was acquired for me.

Amit's School

We are in Ahmedabad right now, which is my husband's hometown of 7 years. He spent time before and after in Kolkata before settling in New York for the past 20 years. We were actually making a pit-stop today for ice cream in an area his family used to hang out in, and we came across my husband's childhood school. We took a couple pics, wandered a few minutes in the sweltering heat, and quickly browsed vendors goods before we found where the old ice cream shoppe had relocated.

The cool air inside and so many cool flavors of all-vegetarian (meaning egg-less) ice creams made up for the walk in the heat. I love purple ice cream, so I got Black Currant. It was kind of like eating mini raisins. I liked it. Aside from that, I tried my family's Lychee, Fig, Butterscotch Crunch and Caramel Crunch.

My family ordering ice cream at Happinezz

I think my sister-in-law tried bites of at least 12 flavors at the counter, as she's a bit indecisive. Ok, more than a bit - she ended up with plain-jane strawberry-vanilla. I don't think she noticed that, suddenly, every ice-cream guy in the joint (6 exactly) lined up behind the counter to watch
this beautiful girl eating from tiny spoons.

Sunset, somewhere in Gujarat

Now we are in a big van driving to the next stop on the Western leg of our India journey: Rajkot. Hopefully there I can wash my sweat-sticky hands, dirty toes, and maybe even go for a proper swim at the gorgeous hotel we are to stay in ( for about $45/night).

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Location:Ahmedabad, India


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