Maibock and Pretzel Chip Snacks

There's nothing like a good German beer and a pretzel snack at 5pm. Although these long, sunny, spring days have me pining for some serious day-drinking. Not Oktoberfest level, just that beginning-of-the-year entry-level drinking. I guess that's what they had in mind with HB Maibock - something special to mark the change of season. And it reminds me of drinking from giant mugs in the actual HofbrÀuhaus in Munich.

Beer-time leads to snack-time.  It's become a favorite treat of mine to spread cream cheese on top of Everything Pretzel Crisps and sprinkle on caraway seeds. It's like a tiny bit of bagel. My husband suggested Za'atar seasoning, so we played taste-test.

He preferred the gentle seasoning of the Za'atar, but I still went for the caraway for the added crunch and the smokey-sharp flavor. As I've said before, I'm pretty obsessed with anything that tastes like an everything-bagel.

Top: Cream Cheese & Caraway, Bottom: Cream Cheese & Za'atar


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