McDonalds In India

(from Tuesday, May 24th)

We arrived in Ahmedabad at 3am this morning. After 2 days of luxury mall shopping, skiing and dining in Dubai, India is a shocking contrast.

Dubai at sunset

Dubai Marina and The Palm

I wish there had been a way to avoid American food in Dubai, but everything is quite western there. They have everything the same - even the most current movies in theater, and tv shows like The Daily Show are only a week delay. It's kind of like going to Vegas.

Street shots, Ahmedabad

Here in India, I'm more welcoming of some American experiences. But unlike the exact replicas in the U.A.E., Indian versions add local flavor.

McD's Indian menu

My in-law family and I were super excited to try McDonalds over here. There's such a huge vegetarian population over here, especially where we are now in Gujarat. Most of the menu is vegetarian and really interesting - they even keep meat and veg separate. You won't find any hamburgers here made from sacred cows - the McVeggie is the basic order.

Separate veg and non-veg won't ever meet by mistake

3 out of 4 of us had the awesome crispy McSpicy Paneer sandwich and my sister-in-law got McAloo Tikki sandwich. The paneer was crunchy and deep fried like chicken and covered in lettuce and melted American cheese on a bun - it was pretty fantastic and I would choose it any day over a McChicken. The aloo was good too - reminds me of a grilled sandwich my mother-in-law makes filled with potato and spices. The fries were exactly like home.

I haven't been excited about McDonalds since I was a kid - before I knew anything about nutrition. I haven't eaten from there in at least 10 years because I get sick every time (even from a shake). But not this time - everything was great, including walking into the glorious air conditioning from 104 degrees outside.

In India. McDonalds is not cheap fast food for the budget conscious, it's actually a coveted treat for the affluent.

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Location:Ahmedabad, India


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